About us

First, Ladycaller.eu startet as a project.

The peoples behind this project was Michi Unterberger and Vroni Wimmer, supported by Werner Kirschner.



In November 2016 the project changes to Sandrina Lanz, because of privat reasons. 

She takes Vroni Wimmer on board again an they taking new ways wit Ladycaller.eu.


On the 03.06.2017 the project changes to a society with 13 members from Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Canada. 


Our goal and aspiration is to call, energetically support and encourage ladies who call or want to start calling.

Especially for ladies, wh start with calling, it is extremely helpful, if you can ask other woman, how to orient oneselft music-tecnically, since the majority of the music are often already set in the studio on male voices.


We would like to facilitate the entry for female callers and support our longtime calling colleagues united in order to get ahead their calling.